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Thank you very much for these minutes of glory and recognition that we like so much and, so rarely do we have, perhaps because we are strangers, because we do not have a large list of followers on social networks or simply because our work, sacrifice, study is not interesting, design and manufacture of systems, equipment and boats for cleaning floating plastics from the sea.

Hopefully, like you Oceanic Global, we also have others who are interested in saving the planet, people, animals and each and every one of the beings on this planet and that we must do it by raising awareness, with training, rigor and above all, that what Let’s do not harm the ecosystem, entering into a circular, green, blue and above all clean economy.

The idea of ​​Tapp Water is splendid, an idea that makes us go back to the origins, the change of mentality, of beliefs towards bottled water is better than tap water, as this piece can be a very good gift, what a brilliant idea Alex, you really have to start with valuing what we have naturally, without colorings or sweeteners.

We know about this project, we know about Ignasi whom we met and chatted on the phone and greeted him and saw him live at the Marlice contest in Seville, with what is really a very good idea, raising awareness among a group with little awareness, which are paying heavily for the consequences due to climate change, pollution by plastics, poorly cleaned outfalls, disposable wipes, a sector that like other primary sectors, should be gradually integrated into new concepts, technologies and perhaps forms and ways of working.

We have the phrase that we like to say in our workshop (if you want different things to happen, don’t always do the same thing), brutal, but we have another that is (the means do not justify the end), with these two phrases we say everything, take a chance , design, invent, be an entrepreneur, that not everything is manufactured and with the other what we want to say is without a doubt that what we do we do it well, without botch, that not to look good we are going to waste tons of XX, with no other solution than to continue advancing for a blue, clean and healthy planet.


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