We want to return the sea and oceans to their natural state

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New publication in the Diari de Tarragona, let us hope that this municipality, the provincial capital, with a port for merchandise, rivers and streams, begins to consider the need to have a water surface cleaning boat. Work today so as not to improvise tomorrow. Diari de Tarragona

Ona Safe and Clean has been working since 2013 to reduce existing marine pollution. In addition to the “little variety” of systems or equipment to reverse this situation.

Ona Safe and Clean was founded in 2013 thanks to the union of the founding partners, David Curto and Moisès Cruañas, who were concerned about the existing marine pollution and the little variety (or no variety) of systems or equipment to reverse this situation that today, it is the workhorse of many NGOs and institutions.

They have a major challenge.

Yes. In fact, in 2013 we carried out our first project / study of the Hybrida floating solids collection vessel that we wanted and in 2014 and thanks to personal and family contributions from both partners we were able to manufacture and patent.

What makes the business different from the competition?

There are few companies in Spain that are dedicated to the study + research + development and manufacture of their own products and unless these products are ECO, we cannot clean the sea and on the other hand throw tons of carbon, sulfur, etc. With this, our boats and equipment were among the first in Spain to run on LPG gas, marking a milestone in nautical and creating our ECO seal.

What is the business philosophy?

That of working to return the sea and oceans to their natural state, because the sea is, without a doubt, the backbone of our planet. Everyone talks about reducing plastic production, recycling plastic and reusing, but few talk about collecting or removing the plastic that we have floating.

More and more present.

The latter is the most dangerous, it is eaten by turtles, birds, fish, whales, it is visual to tourists, it breaks fishing nets, muffles and entangles the propellers of the boats. All this ends up impacting hundreds of times between rocks, becoming microplastic that ends up in the animal and human food chain.

What type of customer profile do they have?

Mostly private companies in the urban garbage collection, construction, beach cleaning and port service companies sector. It is very far when the administration hired these services exclusively. Today we have plastic pollution on everyone’s lips, even a famous beer brand –which always makes a super summer advertisement– has made one related to plastics in the sea. Let’s hope it removes consciences and we return, at least in Catalonia, to having a service like the one we had 10 years ago. When the problem of plastics seemed to be in the last drawer and, even so, we still had it.

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