Beach and coast boat

Water sheet cleaning boat through open bow and central channel, separating and lifting the floating solids by means of a conveyor belt and sucking the floating hydrocarbons by means of an electric turbine.

Features SAC OIL


  • Lengths: 6.5 / 8.5 meters
  • Width: 2.37 meters
  • Minimum working draft: 0.45 meters


  • Working beam: 4.2 meters
  • Solid deck load: 900 / 1,200 kilos
  • Deck space of m2: 5.7 / 9.2 m2
  • Solid loading speed: 7,000 kilos / hour
  • Liquid suction capacity: 0
  • Work surface: 27,000 m2 / hour
  • Working speed: 2-3 knots / hour


  • Engine: 1 x 70 hp gasoline / LPG
  • Motorization: 1 x 10 Kw electric
  • Speed 1 x 70 hp: 17 knots
  • Speed 1 x 10 Kw: 6 knots
  • Maximum autonomy 1 x 70 hp: 35 hours
  • Maximum autonomy 1 x 10 kw: 8 hours
  • 1 x 70 hp engine fuel tank: 100 lts gasoline + 45 LPG
  • 1 x 10 Kw motor batteries: 2 batteries model 26-104

SAC OIL equipment

  • Unsinkable boat of 6.5 or 8.5 meters in length and 2.37 in beam.
  •  Self-emptying bow / stern deck.
  •  Non-slip cover.
  •  Solar panels and battery charging system.
  •  Console and console foot for government.
  •  System for collecting floating solids and Cream Patented ES 1143134 (solid bags + cream bags).
  •  Stainless steel candlesticks on border throughout its cover.
  •  2 stools in the bow and 1 in the stern under deck with locks.
  •  Cinton protector on all your exterior bumper dead work.
  •  Polyester cabin with laminated safety glass, open at the stern.
  •  Red, green and scope led navigation lights.
  •  Indoor led spotlights.
  •  Control panel with switches for various services and 12 v connection.
  •  Mechanical steering and basic steering wheel.
  •  Complete motor control system. (if motors are included)
  •  RPM / fuel level / Trim / engine hours indicators. (if motors are included)
  •  Protective hose for cables and pipes outdoors in the wet drawer area.
  •  Automatic bilge pump in bilge.
  •  3-position battery disconnector in external cabinet with key.
  •  2 battery racks, for services and motors.
  •  1 emergency battery for communications more than 1 meter above the waterline.
  •  VHF equipment with GPS and high gain antenna and AIS.
  •  3 kg ABC SOLAS approved fire extinguisher with external cabinet.
  •  Ring, ruff with light and SOLAS life jacket.
  •  Anchoring equipment with anchor, chain, rope and bow guide.
  •  4 stainless steel cleats, 2 on the bows and 2 on the fins.
  •  Horn and navigation compass.
  •  Mooring material four ropes, four fenders and hook with fixation.
  •  100 liter fuel tank and LPG (more capacity can be requested)
  •  Gasoline filters, tank fixing, filler neck and installation.

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Ona Safe & Clean boats

All vessels will be built under the most demanding directives of the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine, as well as international and European standards. The laminate of all of them will be under the “RULES FOR THE CONSTRUCTION AND CERTIFICATION OF BOATS” of the “DET NORSKE VERITAS”, with hull and cover of P.F.V. reinforced. They will be unsinkable boats based on the rules of the “FIBERGLASS BOATS DE H.DUPLESSIS” totally watertight. The deck and bathtub will be quick-emptying according to UNE-EN-ISO 118212: 2002, facilitating the evacuation of the water on deck in a matter of seconds.
Transported with simple conventional trailers, without the need for special transports or permits. Nationally and Internationally patented boat models and collection systems. First professional LPG and Electric gas boat approved by D.G.M.M. High quality boats and systems within the most demanding regulations of the European Union with our CE marking 17-30-RCD-TOR-207617 / C.



Safety equipment, navigation or any other device necessary for its legalization in the destination country, must be provided by the shipowner to our Shipyards to adapt them to the boats.


Si necessitas contactar con nosotros lo puedes hacer directamente aquí. <br>Te responderemos tan rápido como nos sea posible. <br>¡Gracias!

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