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A documentary that we are glad that it has been published and filmed, especially in the Balearic Islands, some islands that are very sensitive to this problem, where their letter of introduction to the whole world is their water, their beaches and coves of wonderful aspects, where tourism , to a great extent sun and beach is their main source of income in all of them.

We know the subject of plastic, perhaps from another point of view than a scientist or marine biologist might see, but we know it in an empirical way, day after day reaching years of observation, withdrawal, innovation, work and effort to seek the best solution to its removal from the sea surface, in the least harmful, most sustainable way.

We have visualized the report, we undoubtedly see an involvement, a private awareness on the part of NGOs, associations, environmental groups, which seems to be the only current way, the only direct implication to the problem of plastics, to their withdrawal from the beaches and coastlines and this is not like that, luckily today it is not like that, that is why we disagree with the lack of any interlocutor in the documentary such as the Balearic Water Agency, which and for years, has been the only public body in the Mediterráneos, which has 30 boats for the removal of the floats on the beachfront, just before entering the bathing area.

Perhaps the media is like David’s fight against Goliath, but the data of their work day after day is to be recognized, these tons and tons of plastic that they remove from our seas in the best possible way, even with ECO energies, does that this service, its workers, professional employers of the Merchant Navy and the companies that manage difficult and complicated logistics, come out of anonymity and have their work recognized, apart from the current novelty, the interest of concern that plastics have aroused ago just a couple of years for companies and other speculators of current fashion, they were already there and they will continue to be.

The plastic from the Balearic Islands, which we have floating around all of them, may not be exclusive to the islands themselves, perhaps not even there it has been involuntarily thrown by the islands themselves, perhaps it comes from other Mediterranean countries, countries where there are no recycling measures, there are not even landfills and the only landfill that is only being emptied is the sea, so there are no measures nor are they expected in the short term.

We will have to prepare ourselves to be the one who removes the plastics from the sea, who stops the arrival of this silent mortal discomfort on our shores and beaches, before the waves, the wind and the insatiable go and see destroy, tear and shatter the plastics transforming these into microplastics, passing these to the animal and human food chain, already being an irreversible situation.

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