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We have manufactured a multitool capable of navigating in protected and coastal waters, autonomously and semi-autonomously, with 100% green and totally sustainable energy, with an infinitely recyclable aluminum hull, we could not do anything better and more respectful with the environment.

It is a DRONE for cleaning the water sheet, large enough to collect the majority of the most common bottles, boxes, buckets and floating plastics found on coasts and beaches, all thanks to hundreds of photos and records made during more than 10 years of cleaning services of coasts, coastlines and ports, creating a very real and reliable database from which we were able to mark the dimensioning of the current DRON.

It cannot be neither bigger nor smaller, not bigger to be easily manipulated and transported inside any van and it cannot be smaller because the inlet of the floating plastics would not allow a simple 1 bottle of water to enter. , 5 liters (PET), one of the most sought after for its possibility of recycling.

The recycled aluminum hull is ideal to withstand the blows of your day to day cleaning work, the weight of aluminum is ideal to be light but give a certain weight and stability when sailing, easy to apply and install new anchors, it is a removable helmet, with which we can send it disassembled to any part of the world and it is a fireproof helmet with which we can approach areas with fire to help extinguish fires and contaminated areas.

Its 250-liter capacity basket with a draft of 25 cm makes it an ideal tool for port areas, estuaries, canals and a multitude of aquatic areas susceptible to contamination, with a navigation capacity at 2 knots of about 6 hours of autonomy, with an ideal drag force for dragging marine anti-pollution barriers, it is undoubtedly a professional tool above any other.

Its remote control system with LCD touch screen, receiving in real time the vision of the camera that the DRON has installed, we can travel an entire port without moving from our office, being able to even mark a cleaning area, a course , a type of sweep in a 100% autonomous way in the place where we see the highest concentration of plastics and waste without the need to carry out the movements ourselves.

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