Barcelona Boat Show

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It could not be otherwise and, thanks to the Xarxa Marítima de Catalunya we have been able to occupy its stand during the Barcelona boat show, presenting our news and improvements in safety, protection, cleanliness and marine information in 2 products such as the aquatic drone SEADRON and the DOUGLAS buoy, two pieces of equipment manufactured entirely by our house Ona Safe & Clean and with the collaboration of the UPC (SARTI center) among others.

Our SEADRON cleaning drone made of 100% aluminum is undoubtedly the largest, versatile, fast and above all the most effective in cleaning floating pollutants from ports, lakes, rivers, roads and bays, thanks to its dimensions and large capacity of It loads in its central basket of more than 200 liters of capacity, with an easy extraction of this basket by lifting it manually and without the need to disassemble, remove, unscrew or get dirty or wet when emptying.

We cannot turn our back on the new directives and for this reason we have manufactured a drone where its design and construction material prevail, 100% recyclable and recycled aluminum, because it could not be otherwise if we want to continue living on a planet like that we know today.

This cleaning drone can be equipped with other no less interesting accessories such as an underwater camera for viewing the bottom, docks, pillars, propellers and rudders, mooring buoys and moorings, with great dexterity and agility without the need for boats manned by more skippers. large, making access between piers and boats difficult due to their size or maneuverability.

Another of our equipment in the boat show is the DOUGLAS buoy, this buoy has a small high-tech equipment inside it that provides us with a lot of information, vital information to have safe and controlled beaches.

The DOUGLAS buoy provides us with the height of the waves in real time, wave direction and current, peak between waves, temperature, position, drifting buoy, all this information of great help to be able to hoist according to the color of the buoy in the application , the color of the flag on the beaches of the municipalities according to the height of the waves.

This DOUGLAS system can be installed on any buoy, so there is no specific buoy, but it is an independent and autonomous equipment that can be inserted into current buoys by means of a watertight register and very easy to color in its upper part. .

We hope we can help improve the safety of our beaches in many aspects, in this way contribute to preserving the environment and being able to enjoy it safely.

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